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Having an online store is not only to sell some products to the customer and then get the profit from those purchase. leadstunnelThere are online advertising that you should comprehend and apply to your online store related to product awareness and safe investment. Advertising is always the most expensive side in any kind of business. Is there any breakthrough for this issue?
The best internet marketers in 2015; Anik Singal, Fred Lam and Jimmy Kim created Leads Tunnel to make the advertisers get more benefits from their lead.

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What is Leads Tunnel? Before we talk further more about it, let us find out about lead.

Lead generation in marketing is associated with how customer is interested with our products or services. The methods to generate the lead then goes to advertising issue. It includes some referrals from customer or organic search engine result, and the paid sources as well. The paid sources becomes our crucial topic because it needs big cost from us. It refers to what we call CPO.

To refresh your knowledge, let us discuss more about CPO and its difference with CPM and CPC, which will have a correlation with our topic about leads tunnel.

• CPL / Cost per lead
As we mentioned before, lead is related with consumer’s interest. When a customer click our advertising, then they do a sign-up, the advertiser should pay for it. This is what we call cost per lead.

• CPM / Cost per mille and CPC / Cost per click
CPM and CPC are the cost that the advertiser should pay when the customers express their impression to the product and service by giving views or click the advertisement. Absolutely, the CPM and CPC will be easier to get and cheaper as well, because it does not need more effort from customer, compared with CPL where the customer should sign-up properly.

In the other side, CPL is important for online business because it is the only way to get customer’s email address from the advertising, and to generate guaranteed returns. Is it expensive? Yes, of course.

Absolutely, you still want to get some profit from the CPL itself and our customer’s email address, then this is the time you need what we call ‘leads tunnel’. This is our leads tunnel review.

What is leads tunnel?

Leads tunnel is a new software but it is has tested and certified by Facebook. As the name given, leads tunnel is a tunnel between your Facebook account and your email automation software. This lead tunnel processes any lead within Facebook and then automatically send your email leads to your email software. The leads tunnel will not save the email leads data, so it will be safe for you, and untouchable from the hackers.


The process of leads tunnel

The process of the leads tunnel is easy to understand, for instance, if you have an advertisement on Facebook, then a customer click the ad, automatically their information such as name and email address will be processed in lead form, and then when they hit the button of ‘submit’, there will be in your email list.

The benefit

With the leads tunnel, you will get highly responsive email list without landing page, and you can collect some lead from Facebook without a squeeze page.

Leads tunnel also gives you more efficient process for your lead generation and will increase your click, but it will lowering your CPC / cost per click. It’s amazing, right?

Behind leads tunnel

As we mentioned before, the creator of the leads tunnel are the best internet marketers in 2015. One of them is Anik Singal. He is a very special and talented man. When he was studied in the University of Mayland, he won an award ‘Company of the Year’ from MTech, and he was named by the Hinmas CEO’s as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. Then he grew up in digital marketing, his specialties are article marketing, profit-generating product launch, backends and funnels building, and SEO. Even, he also a great consultant for affiliate marketing and business management. Then, he is also great in building his own empire; Lurn, Inc. and VSS Mind. He got a recognition as well from Business Week as the Top 3 of the Best U.S. Entrepreneurs under 25 years old. Today, he is the most successful digital publishing marketers and the best mentor in his field. He has trained more than 250.000 people around the world. People also respect on his life struggle. His famous words are, ‘when life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back’.

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